Problem creating new automation events

If you’ve read my other post on the subject of automation, you’ll know that I’m in the process of re-acquainting myself with using Cubase 5 after about five years’ break due to a move.
Two scenarios, then, that don’t seem to make sense to me. In both cases I feel I’m just missing something simple, but if so, could someone please enlighten me as to what it is?!
Scenario 1: A track is automated to a volume of, say, -1dB at bar 1. The next automation event, let’s say, is a change to -2dB at bar 10. If I play the song with the track in question selected, with both Read & Write activated, and move the fader inbetween bars 1 and 10, although the new events will show on the linear display, as soon as I release the fader, the value will snap back to -1dB again.
Scenario 2: Again, with Read and Write both activated and the relevant track selected, the cursor is stationary, i.e. the song is not being played. Whilst the cursor remains stationary, I move the fader ( with the intention of creating a new automation event ), or move the panner to the left or right, say. In neither case is a new event created unless I manually place a dot on the linear display at the relevant point, select that dot, and adjust the relevant information accordingly.
I can’t be 100% sure - my memory is far from infallible! - but I really feel like neither of these things used to be the case when I was doing this with the same installation of Cubase on the same computer in my previous studio.
Can anyone lighten my darkness?


  1. It depends on the settings in the Automatic Panel. What you describes, it sounds like the default Touch settings.

  2. There are several modes of Automation wiring in the Automation panel. For example “In Cycle”, “To End”, etc. But all if them are working during the playback only.