Problem->Cubase 9 update grace period from 8.5


-I have a problem with the procedure of Maintenance in LCC. I have already the licence for cubase 8.5. Now I want to update in version 9 because I am in grace period update.
After a lot times I run the LCC and Maintenance stop in Step 5 (Recovering License Transactions) and I get a FAILED message. :blush:

-I have download the Cubase Pro 9 with link after check for grace period from site but my USB-eLicenser and in MySteinberg->My Projects have Cubase Pro 8.5. :imp:

Have you any idea?

I created a request to Steinberg support 4 days ago and nothing.

Same problem Here with the Dorico Trail version

A Dorico trial does not qualify for a grace period update to Cubase 9.