Problem deleting custom playing techniques in 3.5

Hi - I’ve been using Dorico since version 2. I like to transcribe guitar music (among other things). I love Dorico!

In 3.0 (or 3.1) I created two custom (Guitar) playing techniques - “Hammer on” and “Pull off”. I used the text type, with a simple H and P. It never looked too good, so I only used them in one project. EDIT- I never saved them as default.

I installed 3.5 this morning, read the 3.5 version history document (yes!), and noticed the real hammer on and pull off techniques. Cool!

So I tried using a hammer on (using the Shift-O after selecting two notes), and my custom technique was used! Typing “hammer” or “ho” had the same effect.

After thinking for a bit, I figured I would just delete my custom techniques (which I did after removing a few occurrences of both techniques). The custom techniques disappeared from the techniques list.

But, when I tried “Shift-O ho”, I still got my old custom technique! I tried restarting Dorico, to no avail.

I also created a new tiny project to test, with the same results.

So it seems like the custom techniques were “incompletely deleted”.

Since the custom techniques were copied from 3.1 during the 3.5 install, I was thinking of deleting the techniques from 3.1, and then uninstalling and reinstalling 3.5, but I haven’t tried that yet. Maybe the problem is also present in 3.1, but without the real techniques, it would be hard to test.

EDIT- since I never saved as default, there should be no effect on other or new projects, right? I’m confused! :laughing:

Is there some .xml file that contains the custom techniques that I could edit? That would be easier.

Let me know what you think!

Tom Kearney

I can check this for you if you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, then attach the zip file produced on your desktop to a reply here. Please also include a trivial project you have created that contains a hammer-on and I’ll look at what Dorico’s actually using on your system.

It should basically be impossible for Dorico to use a user-defined playing technique for hammer-on and pull-off, but I suppose nothing is truly impossible. Send me the data I’ve requested and I’ll tell you what’s up.

Hello Daniel! Thanks for getting back to me.

I have good news (for both of us!)…

As I was creating the Diagnostic report, and also getting the 3.1 version of my real project (and the 3.5 version) ready to zip up, and playing with my tiny sample project, I determined that the new hammer-on and pull-off techniques ARE working correctly - and the old custom techniques are gone. I was a bit confused, I think, because the default placement of “above staff” looked like my custom techniques! Changing to “follow slur placement” created positions that look like the example on page 44 of the version history. I tested both the “select two notes - Shift-O - ho” sequence, as well as toggling the hammer-on technique in the Properties panel, and both work fine. (Same for pull-off, as well).

Mea Culpa! :blush:

Thanks again, Daniel, and congratulations on another release of Dorico!


Wonderful, I’m glad all is as it should be. Enjoy Dorico 3.5!