Problem Displaying Repeat count correctly

I just encountered a new issue. I am preparing parts and have used the play ‘n’ times facility for repeat sections. There is also a DS al Coda marker and some other verbal instructions.

There are 2 issues:

  1. The play ‘n’ times text disappears after entering. If I remove the DS and other text it is re-appears.

  2. When I engage play ‘n’ times the last bar of the repeat section vanishes.
    Hopefully I am missing something in my understanding if not it might be a bug.
    I have attached a Zipfile of the chart. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Cheers, Tom (1.14 MB)

Attachment is missing?

Strange I’ll try again!

Hi, can someone look at this please?
At rehearsal Mark G, select a repeat bar line and if you open the properties panel you will see that play 6 times has been set and count location is set to ‘start’. If I remove the D.S. al Coda it appears and inserting the D.S. it vanishes again.
Sometimes the Rhythm Slash region hides the last bar. Creating the slash region last seems to rectify this but surely it shouldn’t matter which order you do this in.
Cheers, Tom

OK, Further investigation reveals that in Write mode moving the D.S. slightly reveals the Play 6 times marker. If I move to the right the marker appears and when I move it to the left it disappears again.
Surely this is a bug? Or am I missing something?
Any help would be most appreciated.
Cheers, Tom

I recorded a video to demonstrate the issue. In Write mode Page display.

  1. I delete the DS and the repeat count appears. Re-insert the DS and the repeat count disappears again.
  2. I drag the the DS to the right and the repeat count re-appears, to the left disappears.
    I will try and recreate the disappearing last bar and video it as well.
    Dorico (807 KB)

Thanks for taking the time to post the video, Tom, and sorry to take so long to come back to this thread. The issue here is that the D.S. is taking effect before the “Play 6 times” instruction, because there’s no way to tell Dorico on which pass through the music the D.S. should take effect. (To be fair I think a human musician might also stick his or her hand up and ask you exactly how many times that section should be played before jumping back!)

Try using a pair of repeat endings at the end of that section: if you have a 1.-5. ending for the first five times through, then a 6. ending with the D.S. at the end of that bar, I think you’ll get the expected result.