Problem Dotted Notes Step input

I have a problem with step input mode and dotted notes. When I input a dotted quarter note, the blue line of the step input doesn’t go to the end of the last inputted note. This makes my next note which I input start before the previous note was finished.
Does anybody know a solution?
I am linking the Length Quantize to the Quantize Preset. This happens whether Snap is on or off.

It should be working correctly at least to the end of the current bar, where it resets to the beginning of the next bar (and we are many who wish it didn’t do that :wink: )

Hi Vic_France,
Thank you for your reply! I have tried it again, and now all of a sudden it does work, even over the barline! What changed from earlier was that I had the grid set to “Grid Relative”. Now it does work. How about you, do you have the same result if you set the grid to “Grid Relative”?

Well… I really thought you had hit upon something (which it would not have occurred to me to try :wink: )… but unfortunately that made no difference here.
Just so we are on the same page… Step Input set to dotted quarter-note, and times signature is 4/4? (for me, it works until it would otherwise cross a barline).

Ok, thanks. Grid relative did solve some problems for me though. At least it notates dotted notes before the bar-line correctly.