Problem downloading Cubase 11 Elements


I tided up my laptop and decided it is time to upgrade from Cubase 9.5 AI to Elements 11.
Fresh start so to speak. And here’s my problem.
Download assistant wont let me download(!) the files. All I can do is install the whole thing. I do not want it installed on disc C. There is no option to change the installation folder, just the download folder and that doesn’t solve the problem. WTF Steinberg? What happened? It used to be possible to just download the files and install it wherever we want! I have my C11 Pro installed like that on my main rig. I really don’t what to dump 40+ GB on my 128GB system disc!!

Why make things difficult?


Cubase itself is not 40+GB. The biggest of the 40+GB is the sound library, which you can move freely to other drive in the Steinberg Library Manager. Cubase itself has to be installed on the system C drive. Other locations are not supported and you could have trouble with updates later, if you would install it to other system.

With Cubase 11, you even don’t download the 40+GB file anymore. The files are separated. So you can download Cubase only, without the libraries. Then, you can download the libraries and install the separately.

Once Cubase is downloaded by the Steinberg Download Assistant, you can install it manually from the downloaded folder.

Or pick the installer files manually from Cubase Elements 11 Downloads | Steinberg to start a"normal" installation from there. But yes, if you have downloaded the files via the Steinberg Download Assistant already, they should be in the download folder as mentioned by Martin. No need to re-download them.

The thing is that you can not just download anything, download assistant downloads and install everything automatically. Why should I have to move everything by hand? The downloader should give me an option to install it in desired location.
And as to “Cubase has to be installed on C”, I never had it installed on disc C on my main rig and never had problems with it…