Problem drums input with MIDI


Since I updated to 1.2.10, I can’t input more than one note at a time in my drumkit. I can’t for example input a hihat and a kickdrum by pressing F# and C simultaneously. I would only get a kickdrum. Maybe I just ticked a wrong box? I don’t know which box that would be.

Btw, I tried turning the computer (mac) off and on.

I’ve given this a try here tonight with my little MIDI keyboard, and it all seems to be working OK for me, Kjelt. Have you changed any of the settings in Preferences such that you’re now using e.g. the drum map rather than the staff position? Does the problem persist if you restart Dorico? What about if you disconnect your MIDI keyboard, reconnect it, then restart Dorico?

From Paul Walmsley on facebook:

We had to substantially rewrite the MIDI input code for percussion for 1.2.10 because there were lots of other cases that didn’t work (eg being able to input the different hi-hat techniques). Unfortunately one unexpected side effect of this is that it’s not currently possible to input multiple notes at the same time via MIDI.

It turns out there’s a difference between the ‘Use staff position’ and ‘Use percussion map’ settings in Preferences: you can input multiple notes at the same time using the ‘Use staff position’ setting, but not using the ‘Use percussion map’ setting. I’m sure Paul will sort out this discrepancy in due course. In the meantime, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Okay, thanks for the reply! I’ll switch to ‘Use staff position’ for the time being. Keep up the good work!