problem earpods output

hello everyone !
I’ve just installed cubase elements 8 and i got a little problem :

when i connect my earpods cubase doesnt recognize it and the sound still go out from my speakers.

In vst connexion there is nothing that i can choose but my speakers.
more information in screenshots… thanks for your help guys :smiley: !!!

PS: in screeshot, haut parleur means spekers (frenche)

no one ? :confused:

What are your headphones plugged in to exactly…normally a computer only has a single audio output where you plug either headphones or speakers??

thanks for your attention…you know i just connect my earpods to the pc directly (classic mini jack plug), no external sound card or something like that…and when i sad “speaker” i mean the pc’s speakers, no external ones.
i hope to be clear (excuse me for my bad english)

Ahh…you mean laptop speakers…sorry I hadn’t thought of this.

So if you just plug the headphones into the socket you still hear the sound from the speakers?

How about if not using Cubase do the headphones mute the speakers in that case?

yes this problems occurs only in cubase, my headphones are working perfectly, and my laptop has any problem with it… it doesnt work only in cubase

Is it the same with the ASIO4all driver?

its wierd with the other asio driver (no the low latency one) : only the left speaker works and i must restart cubase if i want to use the earpods… i think that i must invest in an external sound card

Actually ASIO4alll should give lower latency and better performance than the generic low latency driver which is basically useless! But I don’t know why it is only coming from one speaker unless you just need to reset vst connections.

thanks Grim for your answers…if i got something new i l post it :smiley: