Problem editing redundant VSTi tracks

So I have a few VSTi tracks that I would like to edit while keeping their MIDI information identical.

I have selected the tracks and open the key editor. I can move the notes around and this is reflected in all of the selected tracks.
If I select an articulation from my expression map however, the change only appears on one track, not all.

Is there some way to fix this?
I don’t want to go into robot mode and waste time on redundancies while editing by doing all of that manually.

BTW- I’ve tried this using a folder with group editing turned on and I get the same results- articulations are not being copied when editing in the folder track key editor. They only apply to the first track in the folder.

Look up Shared Copies in the manual. Basically it lets you duplicate a MIDI Part (which is what you are editing, not Tracks) and any changes made to one copy will happen in all of them.

That’s not a useful solution here. I am recording directly to tracks that have doubles and various mic positions.
Adding a “shared copy” adds two unneeded steps to the process (deleting the doubles, then re-copying from one), and given the way the group editing function behaves, will likely not handle the articulations anyway. By all accounts of how group editing is supposed to function, it seems that someone never bothered to link them properly.