Problem editing tuplets

I’ve ran into peculiar problem while editing tuplets.
Here’s an example.
Initial notation:
Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.13.33 PM
Selecting top notes:
Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.11.37 PM
Deleting selected top notes deletes tuplets rhythm:
Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.14.46 PM
My natual question: how to preserve tuplets?

Igor Borodin

You can use Filter> deselect, and Filter>tuplets

@MarcLarcher gave the solution to handling it. In terms of understanding why it happened (apologies if you already did), note that in your second picture the brackets with the “3” are highlighted as well as the top note. Those tuplet brackets-and-numbers have power of their own in Dorico, and deleting them also deletes what they symbolize (the duplet information). You could try to deselect the numbers with Command-clicks, but that’s picky and chancy. Marc’s solution is more reliable.

For speed I’d typically select the first notehead, Cmd/Ctrl-click the last notehead, Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A to select all the notes in between (without selecting the tuplet brackets or numbers) and then Filter Top Notes.

For copying and pasting it’s crucial that when filtering notes tuplets remain selected - this is why Dorico behaves like this.

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Thank you Marc for the reply.
I know that there are ways to deselect objects from current selection - either as you suggested, or simply by clicking the tuplet (or any object) with ‘command’ modifier key.
My question was: is there a way while selecting a passage that does include tuplets to exclude tuplets from the very beginning?
Perhaps, with with some modifier key? So, that only notes are selected. In other words, in one step.

That’s the answer!
Can’t help asking: where could I find that Cmd-A selects only notes?
Thank you Leo.

Cmd-Shift-A is the shortcut for Select More. It selects more of whatever type(s) of object are currently selected.

(Documented at Selecting more items of the same type)

So, it somewhat similar to Cmd itself?
I mean that clicking an object with Cmd I can either add or remove an object from the current selection.

I’ve never read that much into it. It’s just a selection method for quickly grabbing all of one type of item within a passage/bar/system/flow.