Problem entering special groups with the Spanish keyboard

I cannot add reviews of special groups with a keyboard in Spanish. I have set my keyboard on Mac to English language and it still cannot enter the commands with the shift key + ;. Sorry for my lousy English.

I guess you mean tuplets? On a Spanish keyboard, you should type Ñ to open the tuplet popover.

I don’t know if this helps, but I have a tutorial (in spanish) that talks a little about that:

On the palette it works very well. EL Popovers , "uppercase + ; "doesn’t work. I have changed preferences to English language and if it works. Changing to the keyboard with English language does not work the Popovers of groups of notes. The popovers don’t come out. Shift + ;. Thank you for your time

I have made all the possible combinations. It seems that the Spanish language has a Bug when inserting the Popowers key combination: Capital + ;

I have tried all the combinations

Correct all. The confusion was that I pressed the Shift + ; key. It works without pressing the Shift key and only the Ñ key. Thank you very much for your help. Very thankful

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