Problem: Export Regions

Hey there,

  1. I have defined regions by CD track markers in an Montage.
  2. In the render dialog I chose to export the regions to a definable location using the marker names.

It starts rendering but after Track 14 I get an error message saying
"An error occured. The File could not be created." :astonished:
This is pretty unspecific and doesn`t really help.

I burned a RedBook compatible CD from the Montage - no problem.
I created a DDP - no problem.
It started converting the Montage - no problem until Track 15.
==> Seetings MP3 LAME / 192kpbs / Samplerate: like source / Channels: like Source

UPDATE: It also cancels the rendering process when trying other Fileformats. I just tried WAV, WMA.
Now I have checked:

  • Nameing (Spaces, Length, Umlauts)
  • Markers (locked to clip)
  • Region length (too short etc.)
  • Audio in Pause on/off
  • Dithering

Couldn`t find anything suspicious.
What could be the reason for this ?
Can anyone help ?!?

Are all source files the same specification? Like, all 44.1 kHz, 24 bit etc. Can you post a screen shot (preferably not inline) of your CD marker list? Which plugins are in the master section?

Difficult to say.
Reduce the complexity of the process until it works, then you might find where the problem is.

In this Montage it aborts after Track 1.

Here`s a marker list.

Master Section is empty - Problem persists.

If you can make available such a montage (without audio files), that would help me finding out. Screenshot of the Render dialog also needed. Thanks.

Here are the Montages:

CD 1

CD 2



I tried “Marker übernehmen” but nothing changed.

Thank you for looking into this.

Thanks for the files. I could find the problem. Some of your marker names, eg.
“2. Gemeinsames Führungsverständnis.mp3”
contain some invisible characters that are illegal for file names. This is why the files could not be created by Windows.
In this case, the characters is a “LF” (line feed).
I could guess your marker name was pasted from a text file and the “end of line” character was copied too.

In next WaveLab version, I will remove these invisible characters in file names. In the mean time, you can fix the problem by re-editing the names by hand.

Hey PG, thanx for sorting that out. :smiley:
I`ll have a look at the region-names.