Problem Exporting OMF Files

Hello. I’m not sure if this has addressed or not. Whenever I attempt to export files via OMF, I get the message “This project contains files or crossfades in 32 bit float. Since OMF does not support this format, the files will be converted and exported as embedded data. Please not that this conversion might lead to clipping!” However, I proceed with exporting the files. When I open an empty project and import the files (just to see if the files came out alright), I get clipping. I sent the files to someone else and they said all they heard was white noise. Does it have to do with the format of my project? During the export, I choose 24 bit, but I still have this problem. Please let me know how I can remedy this situation. Thank you.


Is your Processing Precision set to 64 but float in the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System?

Thank you for responding. Actually, I have it set at 32 bit float.

If I set my processing precision to 64 bit, will that make a difference in regards to my OMF files?


I was thinking if you are using 64 bit processing precision already, this could make a difference. But if you are using 32 bit already, then it must be something different.

I attempted to share my project with someone who had pro tools. However, they said the files did not come out right. Is there another way I can share my project with another daw?


Are your source Audio (wav) files 24bit? If not, could you convert them, please?

Try using AAF format instead.