Problem Expression Maps Very First Note

I am having the problem that the very first note in my Expression Maps at is not triggered correctly - instead the standard articulation is played. The solution is simply starting my entire project for instance at [simply anything other than]. However, then the time code is not correct anymore plus everything is off by a beat. At Project Setup there is an option for Display Bar Offset, which gives me part of what I need.
Is there an option to have my project start at [-] and in addition also having the Timecode/Seconds start at = 0:00:00.000 no matter what the Tempo/BPM is set to?
If anybody knows another solution overcoming this Expression Maps bug at, please let me know, as this would help me as well.


In general it’s recommended to start at bar 2 or 3. To adjust the shift, change the Display Time Offset or Display Bar Offset in the Project Setup.

In your Expression Map add an additional Slot that doesn’t have any articulation assigned to it (i.e. it does nothing) and move that slot so it is at the top of the list. This often resolves articulation selection issues.