Problem for retrieving flows

I have a project with 2 flows. In a previous version of Dorico I have unchecked (in this version there were checkboxes for that) flow 1 in order to work only on flow2. Since I have 4.1, the checkboxes have disappeared and I’m unable to go to flow1 :frowning: Is this a known issue ?

No, it’s not. Select the layout in which you want the flow to appear in the Layouts panel on the right-hand side in Setup mode, then activate the checkbox for the flow you want to add to the layout.

Ok… The problem is that all the layouts were selected. In this case, the checkboxes disappear.
I have just discover that clicking on the left-hand panel and clicking on the right-hand panel has not the same effect on the checkboxes action : on right it is a question of visibility, on left it deletes things.
Now I have another problem : If I create a new flow, just the first instrument (Flute) is created, not the whole orchestra.

For the checkbox issue, try closing and reopening Dorico - there’s something intermittent that’s been reported elsewhere (to do with the widths of these columns). You can also right-click on a layout/flow/player and go through the context menu to assign it to flows/layouts/players.

As to only the flute showing up, that would normally indicate that Layout Options > Staff Visibility is set to hide all empty staves. Either start writing in Galley View (where all staves will show up) or set staff visibility to never hide empty staves or only hide them after the first system.

Thanks pianoleo. For the creation issue, you’re right : I thought Staff Visibility was a “per flow” option.