Problem getting Kontakt VST to work with Dorico 4

I have recently upgraded to Dorico 4 and am having a problem routing 3rd party VST’s, specifically Kontact (which I am also new to) and a couple of their instruments.

I have viewed Anthony Hughes Youtube video: Assigning Your Own Sounds to Instruments in Dorico | Play Mode in Dorico

Unfortunately I simply can’t seem to make this work. I have my composition, I have chosen Kontact as my VST, I have added each instrument into it’s own VST and selected the appropriate Channel for both The Grandeur Piano (Port: 1 Ch: 1) and Picked Nylon Guitar - Melody (Port: 1 Ch: 2). The correct sound plays when I audition each using the onscreen Piano. But when I play back my piece the library sound doesn’t play. I have been using Spitfires BBCSO Core library and I have managed to get that to work. I know Kontact libraries should work. Am I going mad or have I not done something obvious?

I am working on a M1 Mac. Halion sounds work, everything else seems to be in order.

I would be most grateful if you could give me any guidance.

Could you please post a demo project? Even a stripped down one would do with only a couple of bars but with your wanted Kontakt setup.

Kontakt stripped down setup.dorico (1.8 MB)
Hi Ulf, please find attached the stripped down file, to be honest I can’t see the wood for the trees now, even if it was starring me in the face. As a new user you get to the point where there are so many menus and shortcuts that it becomes overwhelming. Hopefully this won’t be difficult for you to locate what has gone wrong as an established user. Thank you in advance.

Hi @r.white18 , with me that project plays fine except for 2 things. If you go to Play Mode and see the faders below, then the Piano is muted. When I unmute it does sound. Second, you have two instances of Kontakt, and the guitar is playing out to channel 2 of the second instance, so you need to make sure that the internal routing of Kontakt is correct, or you set in Dorico to channel 1.
Does that make sense to you?

Hi Ulf, I turned off mute thank you for spotting that. I think we’re getting there as both instruments now play. I now have one instance of Kontakt running. In the endpoint setup I have assigned Piano to port 1 channel 1 and the guitar to port 1 channel 2. However when I go into Kontakt and use the inbuilt piano to audition/solo I can see the sound bar in the mixer moving as I strike the keys, which is great. But when I audition/solo the guitar that sound plays in the piano mixer which is strange , so something is still not quite right. And when I solo each instrument I am not getting each instrument. I looked at output of each at the top of the instrument library in Kontakt and have the Piano output set Output: st. 1 Midi Ch [A] 1 and Guitar output st. 1 Midi Ch [A] 2.
Kontakt stripped down setup 2.dorico (1.8 MB)
This really is completely baffling why this needs to be such a complicated interface. Thank you again for your assistance.

I don’t know if this is the problem, when I scrolled over the mixer at the bottom something popped up which I have no idea what it means. Piano (kt. st. 1) and Guitar (kt. aux 1). I sort of get the idea of assigning instruments to channels and you can have 16 channels at a time. But clearly there is something that is stopping the guitar playing in the right mixer channel even though I have assigned it to the second channel.

You need to use different OUTPUT channels in Kontakt to have different instruments show up in different channels of the Dorico Mixer.

There are (freelance) YouTube videos on how to set this up.
Perhaps this will help.