Problem getting sound out of speakers


I have installed Cubase 5, connected it to my POD XT Live that is also connected to my amplifier. The sound I record goes through the POD XT Live, but the playback is through my amp, which is surprising me.

I would like the playback to be through my computer speakers.

How can I do it?

In Audacity it was as easy as changing the output device from the items, here in Cubase there are some buses, mono, steroes etc. which I don’t really understand. Help anyone? :slight_smile: :smiley:

I am attaching a screenshot. WHenever I add a new output device it adds EXACTLY the same item as already listed. I cannot change the ASIO POD XT LIVE to Realtec blabla, which I can do in Audacity.

That is because Cubase accesses your soundcard through an ASIO driver. You selected the pod ASIO driver (as you should, because you want to use its inputs), but this driver cannot access your computers soundcard. The best solution is to use just 1 audio interface, which in this case would mean connecting your computer speakers to the pod output, instead of to your computer soundcard.
If you can’t or don’t want to do that, you can also try to use an ASIO driver that can access both soundcards simultaneously, like ASIO4all. This often works quite well, but keep in mind that the driver designed for the pod probably has better performance than a generic driver.

Audacity is a great tool and in some cases it’s quite convenient it doesn’t need an ASIO driver, but for more complex studios you really can’t do without which is why Cubase uses them.