Problem - Grande cover for my Rock Theory class!

Made using Cubase 7.5 :slight_smile:

DI’d from the Line 6 UX1 with a Schecter Demon 7FR (EMG 707 set).
Chain in DAW: Cubase Gate TSE 808 2.0, Ignite Emnisary, LePou (Catharsis and Periphery IR)
Guitar Send: Cubase EQ, Q10 (school studio computer), C4 (school studio), L1, C6 Sc to snare.

Trillian - clank - audio assault grind machine + TSE B.O.D + Q10

Superior Drummer - Custom Preset - Stillwell Audio Bombardier

Vocals - SMB7 - EzMix

Got a critique please tell me!

hi there the opening riff sounds like a bit of amateur sampling but there again it might be fashionable dunno. the vocals sound like a pop tune sat on top of a metal track ,as regard mixing the guitar chords when the female is singing the guitar is masking the vocal a bit .overall i like it and the more i hear it the more i like it. well done. dig it.

what polgara said plus an original song is always more impressive IMHO…give it a shot :slight_smile:

The aim of it was to be as cheesy as possible and I just wanted to showcase my own mixing more than anything.
I recorded the vocals really quickly as to make deadlines meet. If anything I want to bring the vocals up more but I’ve been making instrumental music for so long I kinda… forgot how to mix vocals. :slight_smile:

The guitars were supposed to be gimmicky, I wanted to try something that wasn’t gonna be over the top. If it were an original (Which I am planning on posting in the next week or so) I think my guitars would be more free. If anything I wanted to be less serious on my primary instrument. The intro riff was sketchy for me I don’t think I’ve picked the best fingerings when I learnt it by ear but it will do for the time being :slight_smile: