problem halion sonic 2 pleas?

i’m italian sorry for my language!!
Hello guys , I purchased HS2 with the hope of using it as Halion Sonic SE2 . And here is the problem …
1 - I do not even charge HS and integrates it with the SE
2 - Even opening a dedicated channel can not hear anything .
3 - in preferences / midi / midi / destination did not appear among the choices the program but I get only the Halion Sonic SE2 default .

Let me explain briefly my use :
load and edit a basic midi instruments .

I would like to understand how to operate Halion Sonic 2 since I bought to complement the sounds present .

I state that I have already checked out and are in place, opening the program in stand alone and pressing keys on the virtual keyboard sound .
it could be possible to integrate the instrument of halion sonic 2 into halion sonic SE2 ?

I hope I was tory with comprehensive information and hope for your help ! THANK YOU

Oh I forgot … importing MIDI I HS2SE opens automatically and works seamlessly with the ability to edit the sounds …

i not play the keybord but load the midi file and change the instrument!!

Halion Sonic SE is integrated in Cubase and not a standalone VST like Halion Sonic 2 Vst
I assume that all sounds of HAlion Sonic SE ( =special edition) are the same as in HALion Sonic 2 and in HALion 5 too

Aloha guys,
Just to chime in

This is true and with HS2 you get not only many more sounds but
more editing of the basic sounds that do come with HalionSonic SE.

Good Luck!