Problem hiding empty piccolo staff in a flow

The fl doubles picc but the staff in the flow in question has no content. I’ve tried looking for signposts, etc.

I can’t figure out how to get it to hide. It used to be hidden correctly. Other doubling instruments in the score hide correctly when their content in a particular flow is empty.

Can you please attach the project?

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Tempore - March.dorico (3.0 MB)

Here it is… Thanks!


When you said “it used to be hidden correctly”, can you give more detail?

It is hidden correctly in other flows in the same piece… also other doublings; oboe - english horn, cl-bass cl, work correctly; the empty staff is hidden. The picc also was hidden up to some point where a change I made must have made caused the current behavior. I’ve looked through the forum for discussion of this problem but have been unable to find similar circumstances.

In bar 47 select the ossia signpost (-1 staff) an delete it, that should solve your problem.

From the Dorico Manual:
“Ossia staves prevent instruments from condensing in the systems where ossia staves exist.”

Why this “ossia” affects all systems? I do not know and better will not make any guesses.

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Possibly the ossia’d staves do not condense because the program would have difficulty showing to which part the ossia applied. (Just guessing.)

THANK YOU! That was it! What’s weird is I definitely tried that before but was unable to delete it for some reason. Now I can! I’ve got a lot to learn about these signposts.

Again, thank you!