Problem i can't import Video to cubase 6.5

I have Problem i can’t import Video to cubase 6.5 i dont know way
The Files is Avi Any Body That Can Help ?

Earlier Cubase versions definitely supported AVI, but I don’t think that is the case with 6.5. Page 510 of the manual describes video format compatibility.

I have Sony Vegas which I can use as a converter program if needed. I render any incoming files to mp4 which then work really smoothly. I notice that there are several free AVI>mp4 converter programs around which will probably do the job for you.

Before writing this, I did create an AVI file as a test and it did work in Cubase 6.5.4 build 161 32bit, but it was a very large filesize. Mp4 being a compressed format is likely to to put less strain on CPU and drives.


Yes its true AVI won’t work that well in cubase 6.5. It depends on the codec used in that file.

This is true. One which I’m using to convert is Xvid4PSP video convertor and it worked out for me.

The link for those looking for free video convertors is below.


Is there a way to install this software without installing all the other software I’m being prompted to install when running the .exe file?

As much as I remember it gives an option while installing, with checkbox selecting to instal or agree or decline. If not, maybe you can uninstall others later.