Problem importing Cubasis 1.6 projects to Cubase 7!


I’m experiencing the “Cannot read Cubasis project file. Reason: unknown format” problem.
I have the latest version of everything installed (Cubase 7 v.7.0.6 with Cubasis Project Importer v.1.2.1 and Cubasis 1.6).
Any ideas?

Thank you.

Ok, ok, just saw this:
So I am not the only one wondering here: What is the reason for releasing the new version of Cubasis BEFORE releasing the Importer update? Next time you do it - please put the BIG WARNING in Appstore update description. The ability to quickly import Cubasis project into big Cubase is the essential feature used on daily basis.

Hi Snow Boogie,

We released the Cubasis 1.6 update earlier to give all the users the update as soon as possible.
Here is the new Cubasis Project Importer 1.3 pre-release that will bring back the project compatibility:

Hi Carlos.

Thanks for the rapid response, just wish I had this version of importer a few hours ago, hours that we spent re-buliding the project in Cubase. Thanks anyway, love Steinberg software and hope that such little yet painful situations will be avoided in the future.


The final version which is identical to the pre-release is now available as well. A re-download is not necessary if you have already used the pre-release version.