Problem importing markers into montage

Hello all,

I’m running into a strange problem, and I hope someone can help me figure this out. When trying to recreate an old montage using the audio file and importing the .mrk file associated with it, I’m finding that some, but not necessarily all of the markers are not showing up in the correct place. They will usually start off correct, but then begin drifting by a few seconds part way through the montage. This is happening in versions 10 and 9.5. Is this something anyone else has encountered before?


This looks like a sample rate mismatch. Maybe you are setting wrong sample rates.

It certainly does sound like a sample rate mismatch.

Additionally, you can copy markers from one montage, and paste them into another montage which I believe is not tied to the samples as embedded markers tend to be.

This is what I suspected originally, but the sample rate of the audio file does match the sample rate of the montage. Justin, I’ll try your suggestion of copying the markers into a new montage and see what that accomplishes. Thanks!