Problem importing midifiles

I’ve imported a MIDI file, and assigned an instrument to each track.
When reproducing, I hear everything very weak, distant, very low volume, and only the left channel is heard.
In MIDI preferences I have this setting
I don’t know what I can try to make it sound better. I appreciate suggestions.

Most likely the file contains some cc events that are setting MIDI Volume, Pan and who knows what else. The easiest way to see what is happening is to use the List Editor. If needed you can hide the Note Data to make it easier to see any other data in the file.

Good idea, but I didn’t find any changes in the sound or the pan. I have selected all the events, I have opened the even list, and there were no pan or volume cc. Almost all the ccs are pedal hold, except 2 ccs at the beginning, which I have deleted to test if they produced any change, but it still sounds the same

Thank you ayway!