Problem importing mp3s

Hello all, I’m having problems importing an mp3 file in to Cubase 4.0. It appears to import OK and I can drag it on to an audio track…but when I play it the sound cracks up towards the end. When I looked more closely, the original file is 4mins long, but the imported wav file is only about 2mins. The original mp3 plays fine. I’ve got a backup copy of the mp3 file and the same thing happens when I try to import that. Very odd. I’ve found a workaround…just convert the mp3 to wav using Audacity and then import that in to Cubase and all is fine, but this has happened with several mp3s so I’m hoping someone can shed a little light on what’s happening. Many thanks in advance…hoping someone can help - cheers RP

Are you sure the project samplerate matches the mp3?

… and that’s probably what Audacity is doing when you convert it to wave.


Please install the latest Cubase 4 update on your computer. Several MP3 issues have been resolved with the update. The latest Cubase 4 version can be downloaded from here



Thanks all…I’ll check the sample rates but don’t think that’s the issue as I’ve imported lots of other mp3s with no problem - all were recorded on the Zoom H4N and I’m almost certain I didn’t alter the settings between takes. But it’s worth checking. I’ll also install the updates and see if that resolves the issue (I’ll let you know). Thanks again for your replies

Just checked the sample rates…all 44.1…and I’ve already installed the latest program updates - must have done it ages ago and forgot. But thanks all the same for the suggestions. If anyone else has any other ideas I’d be most grateful. Many thanks…

When all else fails, Trash Prefs.