Problem importing MXF file in Nuendo 6.5.30

Hi to all.

I have a problem importing MXF file relatively “heavy” (around 40Gb).
The machine crashes and i must restart pressing Ctrl+Alt+Canc sequence (i work with Windows 7 64 bit).
Please, someome can tell me the causes? This don’t happen with same kind of files large around 1or 2 Gb.

Thank you to all, Luigi.


40 GB is huge indeed. What is your computer spec please?


OS - Windows 7 Pro 64 bit - Service Pack 1
Processor - Intel I7-3770 CPu@3.40 Ghz
Memory - RAM 16 Gb
Video Card - NVIDIA NVS 510
AERO installed.

I have not installed the recomended Win Avid Codecs LE 2.3.9 codecs.

Thanks, Luigi.

Thanks, Luigi.