Problem Importing Preferences after clean Install on new drive

I have an Problem Importing Preferences (from old Mavericks OS Drive) after clean Install on new drive with Sierra. I imported all old Preferences in the Cubase 9.5.21 preference folder as well as


Now when booting up Cubase 9.5.21 on my Sierra Drive Cubase stalls and wants me to direct EVERY SINGLE content file and won’t allow me to skip the whole process. Does anyone know the exact preference file that directs Cubase to the Content location or have a suggestion on how to import all my Preferences without getting stuck on starting up Cubase looking for its content?



If you still have your old system available, I would recommend to save a profile by using File (Edit in Cubase 10) > Profile Manager.

The problem was related to a Halion demo I tried a few years back and Cubase was still looking for those files. I simply told Cubase to ignore o Les and the behavior stopped. Sheesh. Thanks for your help.