Problem importing tracks in cubase 11.5 pro : delay, and strange "sign" at the end of the track

When I try to import my tracks from the library, all my tracks are out of sync and a small symbol appears at the end of the tracks

Impossible to fix the problem, I’m becoming mad…

thanks for your precious help


The symbol means the file is in Musical Mode.

Are you writing to us from the future? What other improvements have there been in version 11.5? :rofl: :crazy_face:

Dear Steve,

sorry but I’ve just come back from a long trip to Venus , probably a bit jet lagged. My apologies for the cubase version, I think I’m a bit of an avant gardist :wink: and REALLY exhausted apparently

  1. THANKS for your answer, I’ve looked for information about this musical mode, I see what it is now
  2. HOWEVER : this doesn’t help me at all. I’ve tried to switch off the musical mode and to reimport my tracks without any success : out of sync.

I hope you’ll have a clue…

The man from Venus

Welcome, traveller. Check your phaser at the door, please. Unless it’s a VST Phaser.

Also, I hope you are not conflating musical mode (for audio files) with musical time base (for tracks)

All I know is that I sent my exported audio tracks to a friend and he had no problem when importing them in cubase 12.5 (a close friend of mine , just bought a DeLorean to an old man passing by).
And he has no ‘m’ sign when he imports my tracks…