Problem in converting a first measure in a pick-up bar

I just updated to version 4 and now I have this problem.
I added a measure at the beginning of the flow where, at the very end of it, I wrote two 16th notes. I would like to transform this measure in a pick-up bar, but when I delete the relevant beats using the system track all the notes shifts back as if I were in a word processor.
PS: I did expect to find a similar question in the forum but I couldn’t find it.

Starting from your initial position, i.e. a full bar with two 16th notes at the end of it:

  1. Activate Insert mode
  2. Set scope to Global Adjustment of Current Bar
  3. Select the rests in b1
  4. Press Delete (just on your keyboard, either of the standard Delete or Backspace keys)\

Alternatively, starting from your end position, i.e. the two 16th notes are now at the start of b1:

  1. Select anything at the beginning of the flow, e.g. the time signature or the first note
  2. Press Shift-M to open the time signatures popover
  3. Enter the time signature you’re using, followed by a comma, then the number of pick-up beats you need (e.g. if you’re in 4/4, enter 4/4,0.5 to add a half beat pick-up: a beat in 4/4 is a quarter note, so a half is an eighth which is the same as two 16ths)
  4. Press Return.
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Thank you for you prompt reply!
I did try (before and after your reply) with the Global Adjustment but the result is that of shifting notes back.
With the alternate method I needed up in a similar situation.
I tk the liberty to post a few screenshots, my initial state and the two results after trying to execute your instructions.


When you deleted rests, can I just check that Insert mode was active, its scope was set to Global Adjustment of Current Bar, and that you followed my instruction simply to press Delete, rather than using the system track to delete beats (as you initially described)? The two deleting methods work differently, and in order to convert the first bar into a pick-up using Insert mode, you can’t use the system track, it has to be Backspace/Delete as I described.

The popover method I described was assuming you had already deleted the beats. To get from your last screenshot to your desired end-result, you then need to delete the beats before the first notes using the system track.

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Apologies! I went for the Global “globe” and not the global “bar”. Now it works.