Problem in Cubase Elements 6

I am a new use of Cubase Elements 6 and I have run into the problem. Because I don’t know the technical names of the elements involved I haven’t been able to find a solution via search engine. If there is a separate forum area for help using the program I am unable to find it. Simple question:

I want to create one of those blue rectangles that you can write notes in. (Again, I apologize for being unfamiliar with the terminology.)
For my first two midi tracks I added I was able to double click on the white area to create the note tracks. However, that doesn’t do anything anymore and I don’t know why. I just want to know how to create a note track (the purple rectangle) for a new instrument.


Those rectangles are called events, in this case, MIDI events. You can create one of those by selecting the pencil tool and drawing in the blank space. That is the best method if you’re going to input notes via the score or key editors. If you’re going to record notes, the events will be created automatically as you record.

Oh, that was easy. Thanks a lot.

Yeah, anything else?? :mrgreen: