Problem in Dorico 3.5: 8vb line not showing


For some reason, when trying to add an 8vb to the very low note, it just doesn’t appear. Dorico seems to think it is there since “octave line” is appearing in the properties panel, but nothing is shown. Why? These are by the way not grace notes, just cue-sized normal notes. I tried also to add the octave line to the group of 4 notes, same problem:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-18 um 18.40.26

Hi. I think you’re working on cross-staff notes, so the octava line might need to be inputted with the caret on the top staff and then moved cross-staff too… could you provide us with a file that has that bar in it?

Yeah, the notes are crossed over from the staff above. It kind of worked now with a workaround, but only the other way around: I had to activate write mote in the lower staff, placing the caret at the place of the low note and add an octava line, only then all the notes of the lower staff for the rest of the bar got an 8vb. But I simply transposed them one octave down and changed the length of the Octava line in Engrave mode.
It’s strange to me that it’s this way around and not the one you suggested, since the notes “belong” to the upper staff. But when I did this, only the following notes in the upper staff got the octava line with no possibility to change that, and the lower notes were not affected.
Thank you for your help!

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