Problem in Engrave mode

I have a problem in engrave mode. For example, the bass part is on two pages. There is only one bar on the second page. If I want to merge both sides into one page (make into Frame), it doesn’t work. I tried to reduce the layout in Page setup, but it didn’t help.This happens to me often. What’s wrong?

When you say you tried to make into frame, are you sure you did it correctly? That operation should always work, even if there is technically not enough space to produce it without collision.

The easiest way is to click on the first item in the first bar, use shift-F to add a frame break, then in the properties panel below, toggle “wait for next frame break.”

To take Dan’s comment a step further (and not to patronize, just to be safe): the “make into frame” button requires you to select the first note and the last note that you want to bookend the frame. If you just press the button by itself, it does not simply take all the material and make it into a frame. Another option, since there isn’t much music, would be to insert a frame break at the very beginning of the bass part and then go to the properties panel and select “wait until next frame break”. This will have the same effect.

Thanks, it worked !