Problem in joining events in Cubase Pro 8.5

When I join audio events, and double click on the joined events -it’s still apart. When I want to make adjusts in “Definiction”, or “Vari Audio”(for example show where the beat is, or tune) - I have to make it on every single event - even thought they are technically joined. Can someone tell me how to join them…forever?
ps. I have Cubase Pro 8.5 - with all actualizations.

I think I am trying to “read between the lines” here :wink:
Am I right in thinking that when you are “joining” your audio events, you are in fact just joining (glueing?) Audio Parts? If so, yes, you are creating a single audio Part, but leaving intact the events that are inside.
To join actual audio events, you have to use Audio menu>“Bounce Selection” (which, effectively, creates a new, single, audio event).