Problem in purchasing Cubase

Hey everyone since a month I have jumped into the world of Cubase and was evaluating Cubase Elements, as Cubase Studio Weeks is going on, I wanted to purchase Cubase Artist and get Pro as per the promotion, but when I put my card details it shows ‘The Payment has been refused by the bank’, I tried contacting them but they were unable to help me, now I also have PayPal I can pay it by that also but I don’t see PayPal as a payment option anywhere, what can I do now? I am trying to purchase from India and also my VISA debit card is enabled for international payment but I don’t know what’s happening also my trial is nearly expired 4 days left maybe. Can anybody help me in paying via PayPal?

I just made a similar post and one of the mods here contacted me about it.
The post is gone now, but I think Matthias, a mod here will probably want some info from you.
Sit tight for a bit.

Alright! Buddy let’s hope that someone helps me out before my trial runs out :frowning: I have my eLicenser dongle, everything ready only waiting to purchase this.

Oops - post isn’t gone, I just didn’t scroll down far enough to see it.
Anyways - I hope they get the problem sorted out.

Sorry, I cannot tell you what’s going on there. You have to contact Asknet, our Online Shop Partner.

Please help me on how do I contact asknet… and I also tried sweetwater but sales representatives at sweetwater told me that they cannot sell it to someone who’s outside the US as per the agreement with Steinberg and my local dealers here in India currently don’t have any stock of Cubase :frowning:

Do I need to create a new support ticket at Support : Steinberg - Online Shop Support by asknet ?

That’s what I did, but so far I’ve just gotten an automated response.

Ohh! And moreover, it needs an order number but I am unable to make an order so how am I suppose to supply that is the big question…

Please sent me a PM with your email address and I will get in touch with Asknet.

Alright, I have done it.

I just typed in “none” for the order number.

Asknet told me to contact Steinberg. Steinberg told me to contact Asknet.

Ahh so basically I see it’s looping back and forth, but guess what I am also in the same problem and I guess my studio work will remain pending because I can’t even buy here at the local dealer no one has any version of Cubase in stock :confused: I tried sweetwater but they aren’t permitted to sell it to someone outside the USA, as I am in India I am out of luck :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: