Problem in Retrologue

Has anybody experienced this?

Using Retrologue in a project. Every once in a while, but regularly enough it will play a random midi note when not receiving any midi input. Just want to know if this is a known problem, so far I can’t find any reason for this to happen.

Unrelated problem.

Why does it say “muztech” instead of my user name? “muztech” isn’t my username.

Nickname for the forum is a different thing (if you want it to be) from your Steinberg user name. Check it out in My Steinberg, under ‘forum’.

Working with Retrologue all day today. It’s a great sounding synth, but it’s buggy. Gets random midi notes generated an octave or 2 octaves above played notes intermittently but fairly consistent. Very strange behavior.

I had a bad USB port that was causing MIDI strangeness. I thought it was my controller initially, then troubleshot it to the port. Using a different USB port (and eventually getting the USB card replaced) fixed it.
Worth checking. You can use MIDI-OX (freeware) to see exactly what’s coming it and going out of Windows.
Also, there is a Retrologue forum. Maybe you will find something there.

Didn’t know there was a forum. Thanks for letting me know.

It’s not a midi port problem because Retrologue is the only thing that’s behaving strangely.