Problem in selecting notes with left and right arrows

In Write mode, when I have a note selected and then select the next one or the previous one with the right or left arrow key, Dorico sometimes skips a note. Some notes are actually impossible to select with the arrow keys. Why? The music is a continuous stream of sixteenth-notes and I’m in the Galley view. If this is not a bug but a feature, how does it work?

Dear Nylonius,
This is a topic that has been heavily documented. I suggest you search the forum before you create a new thread — it’s the only rule of this forum.
However, no one is really happy with this arrow behavior (100% graphical and not easy to understand…), the team know about it and they plan to change it, at least for Write mode.

Thanks; I did search the forum first but couldn’t find suitable key words that would have directed me to a thread about this exact problem. I now did, however, and see that this annoying behavior (for my workflow) is indeed intentional. Hope it’s going to be changed.

I’m not familiar with the previous discussions on this, and I can’t find the thread Marc’s referring to, but I’d like to read it. Could either of you kindly post a link? Thanks!