Problem in transfering a wav export in a mp3 format

Hi all,

I’m using Cubase Pro 12, really perfect acording to me.
I make my exports in the .wav format but yesterday I needed to send one in mp3 for the first time since I have 12.

  • Is it possible to create a mp3 export (if so, I haven’t seen it in the owner’s manual, but never know)?

  • I’ve used CDex to transfer the wav into mp3, but my mp3 file has been converted into silence! I’ve tried with other previous wav exports and I’ve the same problem. Is it something I’m doing wrong during the exports?

Sorry if the questions have been already posted and thanks in advance for the answers.
Take care,


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Set the File Type to MPEG 1 Layer 3, please.

As simple as that! Sorry, I haven’t noticed it.
Many thanks for the answer. Take care,