Problem in Using Kontakt 6 as VST plugin in Dorico 4

I want to use Kontakt Komplete 13 as VST in Dorico 4. Each time, I need to spend a huge time setting the outputs (as I can not manipulate Dorico 4 MIDI outputs). And for transposed instruments like Recorder flute, staff notation does not work correctly. Dorico forces me to transpose two octaves lower, for instance, to get the correct sound that I want in two octaves higher. Everything works perfectly when I change the VST to my Halion or Eastwest. Is there anything I am missing or any Idea for this issue, please?

Kontakt patches are often at a different octave to sounding pitch - usually just a quirk about how they’re set up…


In any Kontakt instrument (as with any library, actually) you can transpose in the Kontakt panel. It really makes no sense to transpose the notation to get a correctly pitched instrument.
The fact that no real standard was chosen for those instruments makes the lives of the users more complicated and certainly more techie than any random musician would wish. But don’t blame the Dorico team on this, they’re here to make our lives easier :wink:


:joy: Thanks a lot. This is very helpful. Honestly, after using Dorico 4 for almost a week, I think buying it and shifting to Dorico from Finale was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my music production journey.