Problem inputting slashes in “First Steps/Ma Rainy” example

I have followed the steps (pasted below) to input slashes in the trombone part of the Ma Rainey example (attached). However, when I perform these instructions, Dorico enters both slashes and chord symbols. In the Tutorial, chord symbols do not appear in the trombone part after this action, only slashes. Any help, or comments, would be appreciated.

==========================From Tutorial “First Steps” ========================

In bar 1, select the bar rest on the trombone staff.

We recommend doing this in the full score, where by default empty bars are not consolidated into multi-bar rests.

Shift-click the bar rest in bar 4 on the trombone staff.

Press Shift-R to open the repeats popover.

Enter slash into the popover

Press Return to close the popover and input a slash region spanning the selection

First Steps Blues Song - Ma Rainey See See Rider - start point project.dorico (1.3 MB)

In two tasks’ time, First Steps tells you how to control which staves chord symbols appear above.

I’ll double check the settings in the demo project file, there’s a chance the trombone has the mismatching starting settings compared to the screenshots.

Edit: Yes, my apologies – the demo project had the relevant option in Setup mode already set for those players. Someone (read: me) didn’t reset the project correctly, evidently! This will be fixed up next time we publish a new version. Thanks for asking!

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Ok Lillie, thanks. I’ll just keep going and learn that setting when I get there.

A question on the next task (see below) : How does Dorico “know” that I have selected the entire 4 bar region and to opertae from the end of the region? [It worked, I am just trying to understand the process):

======================Tutorial ==================
Select any part of the slash regions in bars 1-4 on the trombone, banjo, and piano staves.
Press Shift-Alt/Opt-Left Arrow to shorten the slash regions back to the end of beat 3.

Another problem. Deleting the last slash in bar 4 worked but unlike the tutorial, the remaining rest is still “green” not “blackk and white” like the tutorial. Is
First Steps Blues Song - Ma Rainey See See Rider - start point project.dorico (1.3 MB)
this a problem? (see attachment)

And a third problem. As I do the “slash” exercise, slahes are appearing in later bars of the piece where I have not been working. Why is this happening?

The slash region spans 4 bars, but is one item. Selecting any part of it allows you to perform operations on the whole item – same as clicking anywhere on a crescendo hairpin selects the whole hairpin, or clicking any part of a tied note selects the whole tie chain.

This is probably because you’ve only pressed the shortening key command once, which has shortened the rhythm slash region by one “step” (as set by the rhythmic grid in the bottom left of the window). Because it now doesn’t reach the barline, Dorico shows you the rest, but the green colour tells you the true, underlying duration of the slash region.

Keep pressing the shortening key command until the right edge of the green highlighted region is at the end of beat 3/start of beat 4.

Because those slashes were included in the demo starter project. I’ve made a note to review whether it’s useful for them to be kept in there for future iterations – I seem to remember being in two minds when I initially set this up.

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