Problem inserting notes/rests

Need to insert 3 crotchets (i.e. change a 6/4 bar to a 9/4 bar) can insert notes (one at a time on each stave) but only the following notes in the same voice get moved along resulting in total mayhem. Is there an easy way to, in effect insert an empty bar. Thanks

Shift-B “1” adds one bar.

+1 actually

but how do you change the time sign. of a single bar without affecting the music around it? Say you have 10 bars of 4/4 and you want to change bar 6 (only) to 3/4

Hmm, Shift+M at the start of the bar, enter ‘3/4’, then move to the beginning of the next bar, Shift+M, enter ‘4/4’?

*edit: recommended incorrect shortcut initially

Shift-M :wink:

yup, still gets me occasionally