Problem installing C5 on osx 10.11


After taking a considerable break from music production I have recently decided to give it another go. I have initially been using Ableton 8 to sketch ideas, but would like to get back onto Cubase as it is my prefered DAW.
I dug out my dusty copy of Cubase 5 today, but when it came time to install I stumbled across a bit of an issue - It could not install as I need OSX 10.5 or later. I thought 10.11 was later.
I had a similar issue when I was trying to install Omnisphere a couple of weeks back. After contacting their support team a helpful chap pointed me in the direction of a download for an installer which would work on my operating system. Very nice.
Does anyone in the forum know if a similar option is available for C5?

I have read that C5 is no longer supported, so am not too confident I can get this sorted. Ideally I would like to upgrade, but I would like to take a bit of time to get used to things again first before I start splashing out on new software (that my osx will probably be too old for).

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi and welcome,

Please try to use Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X.