Problem Installing Halion Symphonic

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I can’t seem to get my login/pass to work in this forum as I cannot install it and therefore register it; Starting to make me very mad, actually as I really just want to record music and since I’ve gotten Cubase6 this summer, I’ve spent more time fiddling with trying to get it to work on my system than actually recording with it…

I just want to install the Halion Symphonic Orchestra trial, and since I have the dvd, everything should be easy, right? But no, it says there’s something wrong with the installer once I get to the end, and basically crashes. The other trial softwares installed fine. Why not this one? Any ideas? Please help? I took a quick read through the forums and didn’t see anyone with any issues like I’m going through, but hey I’ll take any help I can get, thanks in advance.

I run an Imac, Snow Leopard with a Presonus Firestudio Project, but the computer seems to run everything else just fine…

Right at HS SE HSO Samples: Halion Sonic SE HSO DOuble:

The Installer Encountered an Error That caused the installation to fail…

Any ideas? Anyone…? Anyone at all…?

Personal Sanity Warning:

Do NOT Install the HSO trial - it may cause all sorts of headaches…

Do a search…

What are your system specs? (ctrl+pause) and we don’t need to know the make of your speakers. :mrgreen:

Imac 2.66 ghz Intel Core Duo
4 GB of RAM 1067 MhzDDR3

I don’t recall mentioning my speakers… Thanks for the help, though.

Well, I got it installed. lol No issues yet, I guess they’ll rear their ugly head soon enough from what I’ve read. By copying the installer to my desktop and installing that way.

I’m almost afraid to use Cubase with all the headaches people seem to have with it. Is it really that bad?

Try not to be too pessimistic. Most headaches are user error although Cubase, along with most expensive DAWs can be a pig to set up. Used as a recorder with tools bolted on Cubase usually works just fine. Mostly it’s when users try to adapt it to what they think they can do with it that they get problems.
If you use a lot of orchestra samples etc. then you may need more ram but you should be ok.

Yeah, seems to be fine. I’m very proficient with Logic, so I was kind of hoping for that kind of ease of use. I must say that tonally cubase seems to be pretty transparent, and I’m liking the sound quality, just some mindset and procedural changes that I have to make as I learn it, I guess. No ram issues yet, but I’ll probably double it right quick here…

Thanks again for the help, folks.