Problem installing Halion Symphony Orchestra on High Sierra

Hi, I just change my sistem to Imac with High Sierra OS , using Cubase 9.5 , I`ve a problem installing Halion Symphony Orchestra on it, doesn´t matter if I try to install it from the original disks or the ISO files that steinberg support send to me, the same error ocurs “Theres no softaware to install” in steinberg support they told me that they were going to ask management for solution but days are passed and I dont get an answer, my urge is because I cant import my older projects completly because I used HSO a lot on them.

PD they have not any HSO update in the site, only a content update.

Can somebody help me with these?

Thanks a lot in advance


Just wondering…
High Sierra is not listed as a supported operating system for HSO.

Also, maybe you need to install the “VSTi AU Patcher” (for Sierra) to get it to work on High Sierra.

Regards :sunglasses: