Problem installing ur22c after a second hand purchase

Hello to all friends

I would love to get help installing portable interface ur22c I bought it from Friend including all the books and codes to install and an original box including a warranty for another half year

After trying to install it on a new user and original code from the book in Steinberg send me download access code is already consumed by another user""

I write original code to elicenser and does not give me access code for elicenser code

how to activate the device and get access to my Steinberg because together with the sound card I get downloads of software from Steinberg

Thanks in advance

Sounds like the person you bought it from kept the licenses. But you don’t need them to use the driver, just the VST fx, afaik.

Yes but I am interested in using them
And I got an official answerfrom steinberg that I need to buy a USB dongle and pass the license on it and then it will work