Problem integrating Maschine 2.0 into Cubase

Dear Steinberg/Cubase community,

I’m using Cubase pro 9.5 and am unable to integrate Maschine 2.0 into it.

Am I right to understand you need to integrate Maschine just like you integrate Kontakt into Cubase, that is by having Cubase scan the folder where the Maschine .dll files are stored?
This is what I did, but when Cubase scans the folder, it gives a message that Maschine .dll files are blacklisted. When I open my blacklist and press ‘Reactivate’, it still can’t add them, they still remain in the blacklist.
I saw a tutorial on YouTube saying in such cases you can try copying the .dll files into the folder that Cubase scans by default for any .dll files, I tried it, and the result is the same, they are blacklisted.
It should be pointed out that the Cubase blacklist indicates one of the .dll files was 32 bit, so I tried removing that file from the folder as per another tutorial I found, but again, the rest of the .dll files which are indicated by Cubase to be 64 bits are still blacklisted.

Can you please help?
I’m using Cubase is 9.5 Pro and Maschine 2.0