-Problem- LE 5 Starts to Load, then crashes

I’ve installed Cubase LE 5 twice on a pc with Windows XP. Both times progam installed correctly. But when I try to run the program it initialzes, takes about an hour initializing VSTs, get some error messages about completely unrelated programs (like, "Can’t find some file for NERO) and then just closes down. What gives?

Probably a bad VST plug-in. Try hiding them all and see if Cubase starts. Then add them one at a time to find the offender.
EDIT: I googled, “NERO SOFTWARE”. It is CD burning software. Do you or has it been installed on your system?

Yes I once had Nero installed. How do I hide the VSTs from Cubase? It also gives an error message “No IPub DLL was found in the Waterfall procedure” among others. And an hour to load up before crashing? How long should a functioning start up take?

Temporarily rename the VST plugins folder so Cubase won’t find any third party plugins. And remove any plug-in paths you have added in the “Plug-in Information” window on the Devices menu.
The ipub thing could be bad news. Not sure. I googled, “ipub.dll” and found this.

Okay, I’ll try renaming the VST folders. But don’t know how to get to Cubase “plug in information” if I can’t get the program started. Also the “No IPub DLL was found in the Waterfall procedure” seems to be Cubase specific, as all my other sound programs work fine, Samplitude, Goldwave, etc.

See my sig for trashing prefs and delete the Mediabay files then try starting Cubase. If no, delete all the files like in the directions and see if it flies.

Hid the VST folder and retried opening the program. Still initializes some VST’s. And still took almost an hour before it eventually crashed (or actually just closed itself). Gave the error “No IPub DLL was found in the Waterfall procedure” about four separate times during the start up process. That must be associated with trying to open various plug ins. Re: mashedmitten, I can’t get to prefs, because the program never starts. What is Mediabay? Not a folder installed with the program that I can see.

My question to Steinberg: Why do you have a program that advises you that it has been installed successfully, then is unable to run? Never had a problem like this with Pro Tools, Reason, Cakewalk or Samplitude. Are your lines of code (LOC) really that poorly written?

You don’t have to start Cubase to trash the preferences. Read the knowledge base article in Mashedmitten’s signature. Trashing the preferences will remove the paths to the VST plug-ins that are not in the VST folder. This should allow Cubase to start without ANY third party plug-ins.
EDIT: I understand you are frustrated but don’t be so quick to blame the software. It could be your system or some bad VSTi that you installed.

Okay, I’ll give this all a try and report back. Yes, it is frustrating because it seems to me that something that has been around as long as Cubase (a very long time in computer terms) should really be a more user friendly product. Sure, there may be some issue with my system, but then I don’t have problems with any other DAW programs.

How can you judge the program if you can’t even open it? Also, you mention other DAWs. Any DAW is an intensive app that should be set up on a fresh OS install with NO OTHER non-essential junk. Installing multiple DAW’s on top of one another isn’t good either as your problem is teaching you, I hope.

Oh, and

I can’t get to prefs, because the program never starts. What is Mediabay?

If you’d have followed the link in my sig as I said, you’d know the answer for yourself. You should slow down and read some Knowledge Base articles before slamming the software.

First of all thanks for the advice. Followed your recommendations but the problem remains. Secondly, I didn’t say I had all the stated DAW programs installed simultaneously. Over the years I have used different programs individually and never had problems like this. Thirdly, the program speaks for itself, I’m just stating the obvious. If Cubase has a problem initializing a plug in on start up, then it should ignore it and move on. No 3rd party plug in should crash the program at least not during a start up scan. Lastly, this level of software really seems under-developed if one has to do this to try and get it running:

    If scanning frequently fails because of non-media files inside the scanned locations, file types can explicitly be excluded based on their suffix.

The excluding is defined in an XML file which should be provided by the Steinberg Support team.
The file has to be located in the Application Data folder (“preferences folder”).

Example: this file will exclude .dll, .exe and .doc files.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I’m a musician. If I wanted to be a programmer I’d get a job at Stienberg and do it right.

…I’m getting a similar thing, just an error about the program terminating/closing unexpectedly - I noted the plugins loading in the lower left of the splash screen though and realised they are not all from Cubase, so my search for support has brought me here.
I had started with a runtime error but resolved that in regedit;

I read a forum post about an xml file with interest too - however, I’m not sure what to name the file so that it is called during program start, or where to save it as there are no folders in my cubase installation called ‘preferences’ or ‘application data’ as suggested… Is it Vst2xBlacklist.xml? I found this in the Cubase Application Data Folder that is linked from the Program Group in the Start Menu [Drive.g.C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase LE 5

It appears everything else works fine so far - i.e. a succesful install, access to some settings for ASIO & latency as well as the hardware this OEM version is bundled with.


:slight_smile: I got the program running by performing a factory default reset of my system - after a complete backup and clean format.
Only thing is, Cubasis VST had 128 instruments - Cubase LE5 has just 25, failing an .all import I created a .mid file & the drumming in it contains ‘short whistle’ & ‘long whistle’ instructions and these are not what/where it says they are in LE5

Any pointers?