Problem loading HalionOne presets from Cubse 5 in Cubase LE 8

I have tried searching for an answer to this for a while but cannot find a solution.

I’m trying to switch from Cubase 5 to Cubase LE 8 on a different PC with Windows 8 installed but need to be able to continue using HalionOne presets as all my projects I have done over the years in Cubase 5 use sounds from HalionOne which I cannot find suitable replacements for in Sonic SE. I have copied the HalionOne folders across to correct folders as explained in the help article and the presets all show up in the Media Bay in LE 8, however only 3 of the 5 HalionOne sound sets work as when I try opening any presets from ‘Pro Set’ or ‘Expression Set’ I get the error message ‘Cannot Find or Load Preset’ (see attached screenshot). The other 3 sets: GM Content, GM Drum Content and Studio Set work fine and can load all the presets contained in those sets.

Is this because the other 2 sets (Pro and Expression) only came with the full version of Cubase 5 and so will only work in pro versions of Cubase not LE, Elements etc? I managed to open them in Cubase Essential 5 but that is no good as not compatible with Cubase 5 projects. Does anyone know if there is any way to solve this besides purchasing Cubase Pro?

Help much appreciated, thanks.


Make sure, HALion One is installed as 64-bit with your Cubase, and also the whole library is installed with.

Be aware, HALion One is not officially supported anymore.

Hi, yes it is the 64-bit version of HALionOne that is installed, what do you mean make sure the whole library is installed with?


HALion One is just an empty virtual Instrument. You need the whole sound library to get the sound out of it.

I have copied all the .vstprest and HSB files to the new computer but only 3 of the 5 soundbanks work, not the pro and expression set that comes with full version of Cubase 5 I think. Seeing as I don’t have the install discs for HALionOne I had to download it from Steinberg website but it only installed the other 3 sound sets,is there any way I get the presets in pro and expression set to work?

You’ll need Cubase Pro to use these, of course. The Cubase Pro version of Halion Sonic SE will also come with remastered versions of all HalionOne instruments, as well as several “lite” versions of presets from the full version of Halion Sonic 3, which uses much newer samples than HalionOne.

This is true, but if you open HALion One VST Preset, Cubase cannot convert it to HALion Sonic presets. It tries to open it with HALion One.