problem loading Nuendo 5 to 2nd computer

I’m trying to load my Nuendo 5 (update) to my 2nd computer but after it seems the installation has been successful & I try to open the program the following message pops up:
eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.
The 2nd computer has never had any version of Nuendo on it.
I’ve had the license dongle USB in the computer at the time & when the error message pops up I click on “Licenses” & it seems to show the USB dongle license but it won’t let me click on it.
I’ve tried installing Nuendo 4 & then loading the Nuendo 5 update (neither 4 nor 5 worked).
Not sure what is wrong or what else I can try! I’m definitely not a computer tech unfortunately.
Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Possibly you need to download the newest elicenser version.