problem loading Retrologue

With in the past year I have installed N6 with NEK and N6.5 with NEK

I have recently started to check out the VST instruments.

When I try to load Retrologue nothing happens.
I have tried to load as a VST instrument, Nothing happens.
I have tried to load it on an Instrument track. The track is created, but there is no instrument attached to it.
If I try to load it in an already occupied slot in the VST instrument page, the slot disappears.

I checked C:\program files\Steinberg\N6\VST3.
There is not a .bin or .vst3 file like there are for Groove Agent One & Loopmash.
should there be ???

I also checked C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg.
I do have a Retrologue folder that contains the following…

Anyone have any ideas what the problem is ???