Problem loading VST instruments in Dorico4

Hello all

Strangely, I can’t load a new VST instrument (e.g. HALion 6) on my laptop…

Are there other Dorico4 users who have the same problem…?


So you’re saying that that HALion is not in the dropdown list?

Yes, the VST-slot is empty… Nothing to load…

Please load that project and click the menu item Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Respectively, what exact version of Dorico do you have? The 4.0.31 hotfix release solved a problem with the VST list. So if you don’t have it, yet, please get the free update to 4.0.31.

Strangely, I seem to have the same problem - only Dorico Beep and NotePerformer show up on the dropdown list, unless I’m looking in the wrong place. Seems like I’ll need to post a diagnostics report too. (Though, because up to now I’ve used nothing but NotePerformer with Dorico I might never have downloaded some vital component.)
Another thread suggests looking in C:/Program Data/Steinberg/VST Sound, but I have no such subfolders in that folder, just ‘Content’, all the Dorico version numbers from 2 to 4, Steinberg Library Manager, Download Assistant, Media Services and VST3PresetCompatibility.

… Hello! In my case it was because I was using 2 monitors. I have to move the Dorico-Window onto the other monitor and then I can see it… It seems that this is a screen issue…
Hope that this solves your problem too…

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m afraid it didn’t work for me. Just in case I’ve got all this wrong, should I by default be seeing something more in this dropdown than this?:

Gareth, the Track Inspector only shows VSTs that are loaded in the current project.

To add a new VST, click the VST and MIDI tab. Open the VST Section. Click + (a new VST slot is created - probably number 03). Click the dropdown arrow and a list of VST manufacturers found on your system appears. Choose Steinberg>Synth>Halion Sonic and Halion should eventually load!


I thought I must be doing something wrong! I’ll do as you suggest when I next fire up Dorico. Thanks!